Harmony reiki practice is a holistic practice that specializes in Reiki,Indian head massage,crystal healing,aura and chakra balncing, dream interpretation and Tarot readings.

Reiki is the source of universal life energy and is a hands - on treatment. Reiki can not ever cause you any harm,rather it works to bring about positive changes.It is a safe treatment  for everyone including pregnant women and babies/children.

The benefits of reiki are:
it has a calming effect
helps relieve pain and stress from long term suffers
helps assist us in letting go of the aspects within our lives that cause negative energy.
help deal with special situations in your life such as exams,job interview, divorce,career change, family illness

I can include all my treatments together in one session if clients so wish.

Indian head massage is a wonderful way of feeling calm, revitalized and uplifting.It is also great for children and babies that are restless and have trouble sleeping.With regular treatment indian head massage can improve the condition of your hair and skin.

So please come visit me or let me visit you and start the process of relaxing and being more positive today